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13 Nov 2009

Final preparations are underway for Slow Food’s major European events, Euro Gusto, to be held for the first time later this month in France, and the Spanish-based Algusto. At a time when more and more decisions affecting the future of agriculture and food are being taken at the European level, these events create a new space for exchange and collaboration across Europe. The international events will bring together stakeholders from across various sectors including those working in food, agriculture, environment and public health sectors, as well as consumers and others interested in the future of our food system.

Held in the City of Tours in the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Loire Valley in France, Euro Gusto will bring together the living heritage of European food traditions, ancient varieties of plant and animal species and exceptional natural landscapes and gastronomic treasures from across Europe.

The four day event, held from November 27 to 30, will include French and European food markets featuring hundreds of producers of high quality artisanal foods, Taste Education workshops, a wine bar, children’s discovery area, as well as a market featuring rare food products and cultural traditions threatened by extinction which are now protected by Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity projects.

Terra Madre for European Youth will be held as part of Euro Gusto. Organized in collaboration with the Youth Food Movement – founded by students from the Slow Food network – this forum will bring together hundreds of farmers, cooks, journalists, students, apprentices etc under the age of thirty years old to discuss the issues they face.

Good, clean and fair food will also be celebrated in Europe the following week with the second edition of Algusto, Saber y Sabor, taking place from the December 11-14 in Bilbao, Spain. Inspired by the Salone del Gusto in Turin, the fair is directed at a much smaller geographical area, focusing mainly upon the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), Europe’s Atlantic coast (France, Holland, etc), the British Isles and Ireland, and Latin America.

Jointly organized by Slow Food International and the Slow Food convivia in Spain, the event will give visitors and the general public the chance to sample and buy a broad variety of local, artisan and homemade products from around the world: oils, wine, liqueurs, water, cider, coffees, teas, canned food, meat and cold meats, dairy products, fish, seafood and shellfish, semi-canned and smoked food, frozen products, ice-creams, vegetables, fruit, delicatessen products, cakes and pastries and other sector-related goods and produce. Algusto will feature tastings, Taste Workshops, children’s workshops, chef demonstrations, meals in selected restaurants and talks among other events and features.

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