Stop the decline of bees! It’s time to have our say

14 Feb 2018

The European Union has launched a public consultation about the decline of bees.


Bees, butterflies, and other insect pollinators are in rapid decline, and the situation is becoming increasingly dramatic. The recent midterm review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy reinforced the gravity of this startling reality. Last month, in order to confront this situation, the European Commission launched a public consultation. Beekeepers, citizens, businesses, environmental groups, and authorities are called on to provide their input, point out critical situations, and propose strategies for the formulation of an action plan.

Available in 23 languages, the questionnaire (online until April 5) is divided into five sections and includes both general questions and specific questions about knowledge of pollinators (the current situation, threats, causes and consequences of their decline, etc.), as well as space to offer possible solutions and other comments.

“We have a good understanding of declines for some pollinators while there are knowledge gaps for others,” said Karmenu Vella, EU Commissioner for the Environment. “But it is beyond doubt that it is time to act. If we do not, we and our future generations would pay a very heavy price indeed.”

Without bees, thousands of plant species that depent on these pollinators would go extinct, including three quarters of the commercial crops that feed the world.

For the sake of the planet, please take the time to complete the survey!

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