Slow Tegucigalpa Gastronómica in Honduras: Connects Nursing homes with Fresh Food

22 Jun 2020

Members of Slow Food Honduras Tegucigalpa Gastronómica, the first Convivium in Honduras C.A., a movement that promotes the consumption of good, clean, and fair ingredients, have created the campaign called “Slow Food Solidarity” where four Slow Food Drives have already been held.

Thanks to all the donations received by the people who support the Slow Food philosophy, they have made purchases from local producers in their area; then donating these great products of the land and the Honduran hands to the Nursing Homes for the Elderly of the city of Tegucigalpa. width=

The representative of that movement in Honduras, Chef Cristina Morataya, indicated that these activities have been possible thanks to all the support received by the population.  width=

“We moved to the Farmer’s Fair in Tegucigalpa to make purchases of fresh vegetables directly from the producer (we obtain fresh, seasonal products at a fair price), and we managed to supply and support various institutions and communities. On the first occasion, we delivered all the inputs collected to the Abrazos de Plata Foundation (Institution that works with 4 nursing homes in the capital city). In the second edition, working with this dynamic, we supported the most vulnerable residents of the Los Pinos area in Tegucigalpa and also to low-income families in the Tatumbla community. In our third Slow Food Drive, we managed to support the Hilos de Plata nursing Home and Ceder Nursing Home, located in the capital city. For the fourth activity, we went to make purchases of fresh vegetables from small producers located in the Tatumbla and Uyuca zones in the department of Francisco Morazán, where we had direct contact with the small local producer who cannot transfer their ingredients to a market or fair to be able to sell them, we support them financially with the purchases made and then donate them to the María Eugenia and the Don de María nursing homes of the Congregation of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, both located in the capital city, ” she said.

 width=Eating in the sense of Slow Food means eating with attention (where our product comes from), especially valuing the quality and commitment of the hands that produce them.

“The objective is to make direct purchases from the local producer, as a support measure for all these people who provide us with quality, fresh, and nutritious ingredients every day. Then we take care of making this donation reach the institutions, families, most vulnerable and need at the moment, ” she added.

 width=Chef Morataya invites everyone to be part of Slow Food Solidarity and support with your donations through to bring sustenance to small local producers, who we call “Heroes of the Earth.” width=

Slow Food is a non-profit movement that defends food biodiversity and gastronomic traditions. It promotes a sustainable model of agriculture that respects the environment, cultural identity, and animal welfare, we also ensure good, clean and fair food.


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