Slow Food has officially assumed the new legal entity of Participation Foundation

30 Nov 2022

The International Congress held in Pollenzo, Italy, last July, represented the step forward towards a legal entity that allows a broader participation of all possible subjects interested not only in collaborating with Slow Food, but in being Slow Food, in different and broader ways (as defined first in the previous Congress, held in Chengdu).

In July 2022, the Slow Food Congress voted in favour of changing Slow Food’s legal entity from a membership-based association to a Participation Foundation.

On November 28th 2022, following the Italian legal timeline, Slow Food change of legal entity formally came into effect.

Participation Foundation is the non-profit entity which, within the Italian legislation, has the characteristics that best reflect the nature and objectives of Slow Food.

This new legal entity allows not only members but also individuals, public and private legal entities, organizations, local groups and territorial offices to formally be part of Slow Food.
In other words, the new legal entity does not change the essence of Slow Food while allowing a broader participation in our global movement.

All Slow Food members on the date of the Congress (July 2022), in their diversity, remain members (or participants, as defined in the Italian Statute, to follow up on the new structure of the Participation Foundation) of the Slow Food Foundation.

The Slow Food Board is working to define the ways in which individuals, public and private legal entities, organizations, local groups and territorial offices can be part of Slow Food.

The new Privacy Policy is available here.

If you have any doubts, you can find here the Frequently Asked Questions – and answers! – about the new legal entity.

Discover the new Slow Food Executive Committee & International Council


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