Slow Food calls on EU Decision Makers to defend the Farm to Fork Strategy in their Vote on the Food Security Resolution

01 Jan 1970

Slow Food calls on EU decision makers to defend the European Green Deal, and the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategies on which our food security fully depends.

“We cannot let human catastrophes be instrumentalized to undermine Europe’s natural environment & the health of its citizens. The European Union must fulfill its commitments to support the transition towards a sustainable food system, starting with defending the objective of the EU Farm to Fork Strategy to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers. Global food systems will continue to be afflicted by crises and uncertainties, and the EU Farm to Fork Strategy is the only way to make sure that Europe is well-equipped to face them”, comments Madeleine Coste, policy officer at Slow Food Europe.

As the war raging in Ukraine is undoubtedly contributing to already rising food prices and loss of harvests, it is imperative not to lose sight of the real causes of food insecurity across the world: these are linked to the unequal distribution and access to food as well as to land, water, and seeds, rather than to insufficient food production, as is being claimed by many today. Abandoning or delaying the transition to sustainable food systems based on agroecological practises will only weaken the resilience of our food system to face shocks including those linked to the climate crisis.

We urge you to take a strong stand to defend the transition to sustainable food systems, starting with defending the objective of the Farm to Fork Strategy to reduce the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilisers1,2 million EU citizens have called for a complete phase out of the use of synthetic pesticides by 2035 and for farmers to be given the adequate support they need to transition to agroecological practises. Any delay to implement greening measures and supporting farmers to agroecology will contribute to maintaining farmers’ dependence on external inputs and to destroying the soils and biodiversity our food systems depend on. Instead of intensifying our food systems, measures must be taken to ensure food is produced in priority for people, not biofuels or intensive animal farming, and to drastically reduce food waste, as a start. This same warning against a short-sighted attempt to weaken the Farm to Fork Strategy has recently been published in a public statement from nearly 200 scientists.

Whilst urgent action is needed to address the short-term food crisis worsened by the war in Ukraine in particular to support communities and food producers in emerging countries and low-income households in Europe, the long-term transformation of our food system to one that produces healthy food by protecting the planet and securing fair incomes to producers cannot be jeopardised.



We’re calling upon the global Slow Food family to support Ukraine through:

  • Supporting those who have stayed behind to protect their lands

  • Creating matching opportunities between Ukraine & EU

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