Slow Food Beijing Festival Officially Opens!

23 Sep 2015

The Slow Food Beijing Festival, an event organized by Slow Food Great China in collaboration with Slow Food International, Beijing Design Week and the Free Trade Zone of Beijing Airport, is now open!


During the event, people will be able to visit an exhibition showcasing the first 100 Chinese products that have been nominated for the Ark of Taste, Slow Food’s international catalogue of endangered foods. They are on display with an additional 200 products from the rest of the world.


“The concept of Slow Food in China is still at its beginning, but it’s growing” explained Quiao Ling, President of Slow Food Great China, thanking Slow Food for its presence at the event, and their support in organizing it.


“The theme of this festival is food. We know that in every single corner of this country there are interesting alimentary traditions, often at risk. We have started to ask ourselves what we can do to save them… Slow Food compels us to make better choices, and unite pleasure and responsibility. We hope that the festival will be the occasion to reach a vaster public.”


“Delegates coming from more than 20 countries are attending the event in order to represent the global organization,” added Paolo di Croce, General Secretary of Slow Food. “We are here in order to talk about the future. China is a crucial and fundamental country for the development of Slow Food all over the world. Our challenge is to change the global system starting with food; working to change the way food is produced to ensure that it respects cultures, diversity and identities. Defending agricultural biodiversity is a way of defending the future of the planet. An ancient oriental saying goes that if a doctor heals diseases, a good doctor heals patients; an excellent doctor heals the system. So I hope that Slow Food can be an excellent doctor.”


“In China, during the last years, several things have changed quickly: clothes, communication, travels, even the same alphabet,” added Francesco Sisci, founder of Slow Food Great China. “One thing has not changed is thought: the way of eating, the cultural identity linked to food. It’s important to preserve local food and to know our different traditions. And Slow Food can help us in this process of knowledge.”


Shi Yan, farmer and university researcher, concluded the opening ceremony saying, “We have the responsibility to maintain our culture. We are very grateful to the 40 farmers who did a great job in helping us find hundreds of products for the Ark of Taste.” 


Good luck to all of those taking part! 

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