Slow Fish Making a Splash in Genoa!

13 May 2015

Today sees the seventh edition of Slow Fish set sail in Genoa in Italy. For the next four days, the city’s historic port will be home to international visitors, delegates, journalists and of course… fish!  The event, which takes place every two years, brings together the Slow Fish network and highlights the work of fishing communities across the globe, celebrating their diversity and identifying shared challenges and successes. 


The packed program allows visitors to take part in a diverse range of activities and workshops, and presents an opportunity to taste and discover lesser-known fish. At the heart of the event is the international fish market, with daily tours explaining how to select fish that is in season, and how to choose the best cooking methods for the various species. Twice a day, a lively fish auction will take place, offering visitors the best of the day’s catch, while the Taste Workshops and Cooking School sessions go into greater detail on particular species or cooking techniques. Ever wondered how an anchovy is salted?


For those wanting to learn more about some of the issues facing fishing communities, look out for the Water Workshops. This series of conferences will offer insights into topics such as illegal fishing practices, protected marine areas and policy measures and regulations. The panels will feature experts and politicians working in the field, as well as fishers and food producers to whom these topics really matter.


If all this is making you hungry, then don’t worry. Every day, the Alliance Osteria will feature different chefs, each showcasing classics from their fish menus back home. Street food from Liguria and beyond will also be on offer and to finish, how about a glass of wine in the Enoteca or a beer in the Beer Piazza?


Check out the full program here 




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