SFYN Podcast: Resilience of Indigenous Communities

07 Jun 2021

The goal of this episode is to broaden our understanding of a regenerative food system within the context of an indigenous community, and to shed light on the age-old agricultural practices that keep our communities strong.

We learn about the multi-faceted challenges indigenous communities face, in the past, present, and future, and the solutions and growth that agriculture can provide. Amidst the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are humbled by new perspectives. The voices of our interviewees give us a strong reminder to step outside of ourselves and to understand not only how different communities are affected, but to learn from others. 


photo courtesy of Lilian Hill

In doing so, we hear from experts around the world – people that have gained years of insight through study, implementation, and experimentation. Carson Kiburo represents his indigenous Kenyan community on the global stage; Roxanne Swentzl educates fellow members of the Santa Clara Pueblo in northern New Mexico on health and balance within ourselves; health scientist and CEO Dean Seneca advocates for the underdogs; and Lilian Hill shares with her community on the Hopi reservation different ways of saving food and building their own food systems.


photo courtesy of Roxanne Swentzell

Listen to the full episode here!

Through these different perspectives prevails a common message: what we grow and how we grow it is an extension of our cultural identity. To hear indigenous community members speak on the resiliency and unification that comes from their food is not just a call to action. Rather, it is encouragement to reconnect with our food, and a reassurance that sometimes we have to look to the past in order to move forward.

Thank you to Lyla June for the music. Lyla June is a nationally and internationally renowned public speaker, poet, hip-hop artist and acoustic singer-songwriter of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her music can be found here: soundcloud.com/lylajune

By Katherine Blessington, and Sara El-Sayed

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