SFYN Podcast for Terra Madre

29 Oct 2020

Exploring Ecosystems, Expanding Knowledge

For Terra Madre, Slow Food Youth Network is dedicating a special podcast series to exploring the different ecosystems of our planet, showcasing the problems, the struggles and the solutions and inspirational voices from each one.

Six longer-form episodes will be released, accompanied by smaller talks yet to be confirmed — each of our main episodes will be released on the first Tuesday of the month:

  1. Forests: Indigenous forest people and land rights (November 3rd)
  2. Highlands: Coffee, trade, sustainability and taste (December 1st)
  3. Arid lands: Traditional preserving methods and women’s knowledge (January 5th)
  4. Low lands: Agroecology and food sovereignty (February 2nd)
  5. Water lands: Fishing and feminism (March 2nd)
  6. Urban lands: Gastronomy and its role in preserving biodiversity (April 6th)

We will interview speakers from all over the world, from the Slow Food network and beyond: From famous chefs to activists, journalists to farmers, indigenous people to researchers and professors. All together, all voices equal, all voices heard and shared. In addition to this, the supporters of the Slow Food Youth Network will have access to extra content for each episode. Click here to become one of our patrons.

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