Save Our Bacon

21 Feb 2008

The future of British-breed pork is threatened by the dire economic situation facing the national pig industry, three celebrity chefs stated today, warning that traditional dishes such as bangers and mash may soon become occasional treats.
Chefs Gordon Ramsay, Tom Aikens and Rick Stein are leading a campaign to convince consumers to choose British sausages, bacon and ham over the cheaper European imports that are flooding the supermarket shelves.
Pig farmers are said to be facing economic catastrophe due to rising feed prices and competition from northern European countries that have lower animal welfare standards. Currently, farmers suffer an average loss of £26 on each animal they sell. For the consumer, this means that everyday favorites such as sausages and bacon could end up becoming luxury items.
Without an appropriate price rise, the campaign warms that many farmers will be forced to stop production. The fiindings of a survey by the National Pig Association show that 95% of farmers are considering ceasing production if prices do not improve, leading to a long-term pork shortage.
The Save Our Bacon campaign is being launched by Waitrose Food Illustrated magazine, and other retailers as well as consumers are being urged to support it. A national petition will be launched to gather support for the nation’s pig farmers.

Bess Mucke

The Guardian

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