“Save a Cheese” Photo Contest

02 Aug 2013

Did you know that all over the world, dairy products are disappearing, along with the traditional knowledge, techniques, cultures and landscapes related to their production? The reasons are many: the abandonment of mountain pastures, overly restrictive regulations, long processing times and a market in crisis. Slow Food is gathering threatened products aboard the Ark of Taste because this common heritage of culture and flavors represents a wealth of biodiversity that must be saved. You can help us, and have a chance to win a Slow Food book!

This year, the Ark of Taste docks at Cheese, Slow Food’s event dedicated to the world of artisanal and small-scale dairy, held in Bra, Italy from September 20 to 23. Whether or not you’re coming, we want you to nominate new “passengers” for the Ark.

Let us know about an endangered cheese or other dairy product from your area using the online nomination form, and include a photo of your nominated product. Don’t forget to tell us what makes your product special: It could be the addition of a special herb that grows only in your area, or a unique flavor that develops from being aged in a specific climate, or a special quality thanks to the use of milk from a rare breed. Finally, if you are coming to Cheese, bring a sample of your nomination to the Piazza dell’Arca in Bra, where we will have display cases ready to highlight your contributions!

Creativity is key: We want to see your special cheese set in the landscape it comes from, during its production, being enjoyed by the community, posing with its makers, or however else you’d like to show it to us! Your photo will be featured in an online gallery for all to see, and the best photo will win a book from Slow Food Editore. (If you are coming to Cheese you can collect this from the Slow Food stand, or if you won’t be in Bra we will send you a voucher you can use at the Slow Food store online.

Contest rules:
1. Submit a nomination online, along with a photo. If you are bringing a sample to Cheese, make sure to check the box. Images submitted must be your own, and they may be used by Slow Food for educational and communication purposes.
2. The best photo will win a Slow Food book that can be picked up at Cheese, or a voucher that can be used to purchase the book online at the Slow Food store.
3. Bring your cheese to the Piazza dell’Arca in Bra between September 20 and 23, and we’ll thank you with a small gift. Don’t worry about the quantity, a slice is enough!

For any queries, write to [email protected].

Good luck and see you at Cheese!

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