Raw Milk Cheeses on Show

26 Feb 2010

Unique cheeses from the Slow Food Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium will be showcased this evening in Dublin when producers welcome Slow Food members and the public to a Taste Workshop to explore their products.

In addition to the producers, who will guide the workshop, the event will include several interesting speakers including local cheesemonger Kevin Sheridan, organoleptic taste expert from Slow Food Italy Cristiano De Riccardis, and the Presidium coordinator Dr. Prannie Rhatigan.

“At a time when Irish consumers are actively looking for ways to support indigenous small producers and local economies, this represents a wonderful opportunity for the public, chefs and retailers to taste the best of Irish cheese and meet the artisans who have created them,” said Kevin Sheridan, the co-founder and co-coordinator of the Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidium.

While Ireland has a rich history of cheesemaking, spanning back to the 8th century, industrialization led to a loss of much of this knowledge and skill. In the 1970s a small group of artisan producers began to produce a diverse array of new cheeses from local, fresh raw milk. These specialist cheeses have won international acclaim, however only a few producers within the group continue to use raw (unpasteurized) milk.

The Presidium was established in 2005 to support cheesemakers who were continuing to use raw milk, and to celebrate the distinctive merits of their cheeses. The group works to protect these unique products for future enjoyment, and continue the revival of the island’s cheese-making traditions. Today eight artisan producers are in the Presidium, each with their own distinctive approach but who share a common commitment to producing a safe, high quality product using raw milk.

For more information: Slow Food Ireland

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