Price Blitz Eggs Poaching

31 Jul 2007

The southern African country of Zimbabwe is suffering a serious economic crisis, characterized by the highest inflation rate in the world, increasing unemployment and foreign currency, food and fuel shortages.

To fight the country’s soaring inflation rate (now close to 5,000%), President Robert Mugabe’s government has revoked the licenses of all private abattoirs for overpricing. By way of reaction, cattle and chicken breeders are refusing to sell their livestock to the state-owned abattoir because its prices are too low. The result is a massive shortage of meat.

Interviewed by the official Herald newspaper, Edward Mbewe, spokesman for the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, warns that, ‘We are concerned that the continued demand for meat now with our animals that are edible roaming our parks, we could be seeing a worse poaching situation’.

He added that game meat is being illegally sold in areas in the vicinity of state-owned game parks around Zimbabwe. The country is home to some of Africa’s largest game reserves but experts say some animal species are at risk as people hunt for food.

The Herald (Harare)

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