Net Turnover

24 Nov 2006

The EU executive ruled yesterday on that France is now complying fully with orders from the European Court of Justice to obey EU fish conservation laws and ensure that its fishing industry uses correct net sizes and does not catch or sell undersized fish.

‘The sustainability of fisheries depends entirely on the proper implementation of all fisheries measures,’ reported EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg. ‘The changes made by France will strengthen our common efforts to effectively discourage illegal fishing activities.’

In 1991, the ECJ ruled that Paris was failing to abide by EU fisheries laws, but the French government subsequently failed to comply with requests to put the necessary control systems in place.

As a result, last year the European Court of Justice ordered France to pay a fine of 20 million euros with a six-monthly penalty of 57.76 million euros.

The European Commission announced yesterday that France has since made ‘huge progress’ in meeting its legal obligations and will not face any more fines.

Source: European Commission

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