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28 Feb 2020

In mid-2016, the CDS Solidarity Development Corporation integrates farmers from different associations located in the Montes de María to train them with sustainable productive projects for agriculture and beekeeping.
With research criteria, the initiative in beekeeping exploration was born, locating the project in the Cayeto region where the type of vegetation is tropical dry forest and there is a diversity of native flora.

The knowledge in the biology of insects and their manipulation began to strengthen, ten nuclei of Africanized bees were installed and production begins. With the passing of time, the quality of the product, the sanitary aspects of insects, their handling, social and production relationships among the members have been improved, providing opportunities and improving the quality of life of the entire beekeeping community and that of their families.

The incidence of the beekeeping initiative is imminent because it has influenced peasants to care for bees and value the benefit of pollination, knowing that, thanks to this, it improves production performance and also aims at conservation of biodiversity. width=

The initiative poses other challenges such as the acquisition of land around the apiaries, the viability of crops to improve the honey zone, the involvement of young people in the project, talks to boys and girls of primary and secondary school to raise awareness about the commitment and care that this species must be, which is so beneficial for humanity and for the future of food.

In 2019 we opened our arms to Slow Food with the creation of the Montemariana Honey Community, thanks to the accompaniment of the Slow Food Cartagena convivium. On February 28 the official launch of the community was held in Palo Altico in Marialabaja, which was loaded with very authentic and emotional moments, there was time to thank Mother Earth and the four elements for food, time to teach, time for poetry, time to taste and time to share.

Belonging now to a Slow Food community is a great opportunity to promote good, clean, and fair honey, bring it closer to the cities, acquire new learning, share knowledge, and live new experiences.

Jesús Pérez

Líder Comunidad de Slow Food Melífera Montemariana

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