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13 Jan 2021

Dear Slow Food friends and supporters,

Entering into this new year with hope and confidence, after a long and difficult period for everyone, we want to start by thanking you all for being part of the Slow Food family and your efforts in building a food system that provides Good, Clean and Fair food to all.

Though the past year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, one thing is for sure: Slow Food has not slowed down!


From France to South Africa, Chile to Canada, Kenya to Japan, Slow Food groups have taken action to ensure the delivery of fresh, local food to the most vulnerable in our communities. They swiftly put initiatives into action to make sure farmers and producers could continue selling their products. This was vital for their survival, and for their local economies. It also allowed consumers stuck at home to have access to fresh and local food.

In Johannesburg, young South Africans delivered kits with soil, native seeds, and urban cultivation manuals to people’s homes, while in Bolivia, Kazakhstan, and Australia, the network ran anti-waste campaigns, educating younger generations on how to shop sustainably. Our friends in Brazil and Uruguay have launched online platforms to connect citizens with small-scale, local producers. In Romania, a producer from the Saxon Village Preserve Presidium decided to help his community by making hand sanitizer, while Slow Food USA created a National Resilience Fund to provide direct financial support to businesses and workers in community-based food systems, through local Slow Food chapters and working groups.


What all these initiatives have in common is the sense of belonging to a project of global change. Though their nature changes from place to place, they’re united by a share philosophy of thinking globally and acting locally. This is the determined and generous response of those who know that our vision of the world, based on solidarity, the common good and emotional intelligence, can guarantee a future for the next generations. These are the resolute actions of those who know that tomorrow depends on taking care of the Earth, all its living creatures, and each other. It is this shared vision and motivation that will ensure Good, Clean and Fair food for all.

This is our central commitment for the new year, too: to keep acting locally while proudly being part of a united global community.

Though we cannot predict what challenges 2021 will bring, we can assure you that we will remain united as a network and continue to act on our vision for Good, Clean and Fair food for all. Whether you are new to Slow Food or a seasoned member, and wherever in the world this may find you, thank you for continuing to support, educate and advocate for a better food system, together.

Continue supporting us with a simple action: renew your membership card or make a donation. We need each and every one of you in order to make a change.

A heartfelt thank you,

Testo alternativo


Edie Mukiibi
Slow Food Vice President
Slow Food Uganda Executive Director

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