Letter about the representation of peasant, agroecological and organic farmers at Agricultural Outlook conference

17 Nov 2020

In a joint letter, civil society organizations and Slow Food Europe, ask the European Commission that farmers be well represented among the speakers at the forthcoming EU Agricultural Outlook Conference, as well as other high-level events about agriculture that will take place in the future.

“We deeply regret that no representative of small and medium sustainable farmers’ organizations is among the speakers in the program available to date. Likewise, no representative of small and medium sustainable farmers’ organizations was invited to contribute at the Outlook Conference preparatory workshop, organized on October 21st-22nd. Thousands of farmers all over Europe have been testing innovative farming and socio-economic models to improve the impact of agriculture on nature and to better meet citizens’ expectations on reducing pesticide use or improving animal welfare and providing good food through shorter food chains. These farmers could be presented as positive models in such a Conference.”

Read the full letter – 2020 Letter Agri Outlook Conference-FINAL

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