Launch of the Slow Food Coffee Coalition Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

21 May 2021

By Slow Food Community of Forest, Fog and Coffee in Xalapa

On April 30, within the framework of the event “Bringing the Mountain to your Cup of Coffee”, promoted by the Agency for German Cooperation (GIZ), the National Commission for Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), FGM y Vida, AC, regarding the integral functioning of the watersheds and the integrated management of the landscape, the Slow Food Coffee Coalition (SFCC) initiative was launched.Slow Food Coffee Coalition

This new movement is an inclusive network that unites all the protagonists of the coffee value chain, from producers to consumers who collaborate for a common goal: a Good, Clean and Fair Coffee for All. The objective is to create new connections and improve the relationship between producers and consumers, to give greater visibility to the work on production and promote the identity and knowledge of coffee.

The SFCC is initially promoted by the Slow Food Community “Cloud Forest and Coffee” and Cafecol, which will promote the creation of these new networks for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean in a complementary and inclusive effort of the very varied initiatives that are carried out today in each country. Sharing the objective of promoting differentiated foreign trade and internal consumption of coffee in each country, as new strategies to improve the living conditions of producers and the conservation of the multiple benefits in environmental, cultural, and social issues that coffee growing provides for this region of the American continent.

Slow Food Coffee Coalition

A characteristic that differentiates the SFCC as a distinctive for the coffee product is its ideology embodied in the Coffee Coalition Manifesto, which contains the commitments, purposes and actions that are related to the sustainability of the production systems. Based on a simple logic on the awareness of establishing harmonious relationships with nature and between people.

In this way, a product as emblematic worldwide as coffee, ceases to be a simple merchandise to become a vehicle for communication and transmission of joint actions to achieve a better quality of life for all those involved.

In the following months, the forms of participation and the mechanisms for compliance with the guidelines of the Manifesto (participatory and technically specialized) will be shared in order to successfully meet the objectives.

For now, we unite and share the joy of participating in this new effort, for a Good, Clean and Fair Coffee for Everyone!

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