It only takes 1%: Unfucking the planet with Anthony Myint

05 Oct 2020

Ever since the Occupy Wall Street protests over a decade ago, the distinction between the wealthiest 1% of society and the other 99%, has entered the common lexicon as a stark reminder of the wildly disparate impacts that the different sections of the population have on our planet and our future.

It can be easy to lose hope in the face of these massive and growing inequalities and the slow pace of change we see towards creating a brighter, greener world. But that’s not something we can afford to do, and indeed, there are easy, pragmatic solutions which we can all enact in order to turn the ship around. Indeed, it would take just 1% (but not that 1%!) of our economy to fix much of the problem.

Our guest today is Anthony Myint, chef, activist and author originally from Virginia and now residing in San Francisco, where he is a founder of Mission Chinese Food and Zero Foodprint, a nonprofit organization mobilizing the food world around agricultural climate solutions. For Terra Madre 2020 he’s provided us with a Food Talk (available from October 9) where he discusses the need for a table-to-farm strategy that allows everyone to contribute to unfucking the planet.

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