Introducing The International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies (ISGSS)

15 May 2024

We are happy to share with you the establishment of ISGSS by the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo! The genesis of ISGSS emerged from a collaborative effort between the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and the University of Turin, culminating in the landmark event titled “Symposium Toward the International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies” in September 2022.



Gastronomy is a new science but it is a very promising one: since it tries to finally join the dots among many "old" disciplines with the aim of fostering more just and sustainable food systems and bringing local communities' knowledge and practices at the core of the current gastro-debate. "

- Prof. Andrea Pieroni, President of the International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies  -

The International Society for Gastronomic Sciences and Studies is an international scientific initiative focused on fostering academic endeavors and nurturing an engaged community within the field of gastronomic sciences and studies. ISGSS is dedicated to unraveling the complex relationship between humanity and gastronomy while advocating for food sustainability, sovereignty, and justice.

With a membership comprising over 350 individuals from 57 countries, ISGSS extends an invitation to all passionate individuals interested in gastronomy, food sustainability, and planetary well-being to join and contribute to its mission.

Membership applications are now open on the ISGSS website. For ordinary members, the annual registration fee is €50. To ensure access and inclusivity, the following categories of members are exempt from paying fees:

  • Scholars, activists, community representatives, professionals, and stakeholders in the field of food and gastronomy in the Global South (as defined by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD).
  • Undergraduates, doctoral and postgraduate students at universities in the Global North and Global South.

In addition, the ISGSS’s inaugural congress, “Shaping Gastronomy, Regenerating Food Systems, and Societies,” is scheduled for September 26-28, 2024, at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, with a closing ceremony at the Reggia di Venaria Reale in Turin in the morning of Saturday, September 28th.

For detailed information on dates, venues, calls for proposals, and registration fees, please visit the ISGSS website

For inquiries or further information, kindly contact us at [email protected]


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