How about an evening at the Salone?

02 Oct 2012

At the end of the day, how about lingering a little and putting together the pieces of the puzzle that you’ve just seen? Maybe after tours, games, debates and workshops you want to reflect on the thousand other advantages of an alternative food system, one that is good, clean and fair. Spend the evening at the Salone: between a film screening and a stage show you can discover how food can become art even outside the kitchen.

All events will be held in the Sala Gialla at 9 pm

Thursday October 25

doc film by Manu Coeman (Belgium, 2011, 52’)
In the last 50 years, the role of meat on our tables and in our lives has undergone a radical transformation, leading to overproduction, excessive consumption and drastic falls in price. LoveMEATender explores the globalization of meat, sketching out an intelligent analysis of its economic, political, ethical and ecological impact while hearing from enlightened farmers and revolutionary intellectuals. 

In collaboration with Unipol –  Biografilm

Friday October 26

The Loneliness of the BeeMusic, story and song

with Andrea Pierdicca and Yo Yo Mundi
directed by Antonio Tancredi, co-writer with Alessandro Hellmann, Andrea Pierdicca and Paolo E. Archetti Maestri
What do the life of chemist Justus Von Liebig, how we cultivate the land and feed ourselves, and declining bee populations have to do with each other? Frogs, bats, birds and pollinating insects are disappearing from our countryside. Why is this happening? The Loneliness of the Bee is a mix of storytelling, singing and live music that seeks to bring together the strands of this story. A story that concerns us, because what is killing life around us is also putting our very existence at risk. The beekeepers know something about it, having gone to the courts to get it set down in black and white that it is the new agricultural pesticides that are killing the bees.

Saturday October 27

Documenting the New Farming Generation
Films about successful young farmers made by talented young directors
The Rural National Network – Youth Work Group presents three documentaries on good practices in rural development, looking at young farmers who have benefitted from funding as part of European rural development policies:

Voglio vivere così / I Want to Live Like This
by Giulia Graglia (Italy, 2013, 14’)

Vincenzo Sposato makes and sells extra-virgin and PDO olive oil on his farm, Le Conche. Despite his young age, Vincenzo has already introduced many innovations aimed at making the business more environmentally friendly, like running the oil mill off solar power.

La Fattoria degli animali / Animal Farm
by Paolo Casalis (Italia, 2013, 12’)

The Cascina Barosi farm is run entirely by women. Benedetta Rospignosi, the owner, tries to diversify its activities as much as possible, welcoming school groups and working towards environmental sustainability. She has already installed solar panels and a biogas plant, whose heat is distributed by a district heating system.

Fra me e la terra / Between Me and the Land
by Valentina Giordano (Italy, 2013, 14’)

Matteo Bolognesi’s farm, Monte Spada, is dedicated to researching and organically producing local crops, following agroecology and bioenergy principles. Olive oil, acacia honey, lavender and Moretto di Brisighella artichokes are the farm’s flagship products.

Sunday October 28

Sushi: The Global Catch
doc film by Mark Hall (USA, Poland, Japan, Australia, Singapore, 2011, 74’)
Popularity always has its price, and the globalization of food is no exception. Sushi: The Global Catch illustrates the rapid ascension of sushi, initially a food of the elite that has spread with unprecedented speed across the globe. The filmmakers ask us to reflect upon the real consequences of this ever-growing market and what we can do to avoid the collapse of the marine ecosystem.


In collaboration with Biografilm

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