Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

15 Mar 2006

Following one of the largest natural disasters the United States has ever endured, Slow Food USA has established the Terra Madre Katrina Relief Fund to improve the Gulf Area food system.

The Fund aims to restore the local agricultural and gastronomic heritage, heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina last September.

The Fund was created thanks to generous donations from individual donors and from numerous fundraising events organized by Slow Food convivia nationwide, from Phoenix, AZ to Boston, MA.

As a result, Slow Food USA will now distribute $30,000 to twelve Gulf Area food producers and restaurant owners to aid them in the reconstruction of their businesses.

All grant recipients will be invited to participate in the next edition of Terra Madre, which will be held in Turin, Italy, this October.

For more information:
Slow Food USA

Photo by kind permission of Mr and Ms Brandhurst

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