Green Living in Jakarta

04 May 2009

Rising sustainable living movement takes collective approach.

Jakarta is most likely not the first city you think of that has a burgeoning sustainable living movement. However, the Indonesian capital, long noted for its pollution and busy streets, has a small but ever expanding number of citizens who are trying to live the green life.

Such people have organized themselves into internet-based groups that focus on improving different aspects of life. Bike2Work, for example, targets people who commute to work on bicycles, while the Jakarta Greenmonster group works on the conservation the city’s northern coastline.

The citizens of Jakarta have taken a decidedly proactive approach to greening their city. Instead of waiting for it to become friendly to sustainable living options, they have decided to use their collective voice to initiate changes.

These range from environmentally-friendly packaging options at local stores to schemes to make the city more accessible to pedestrians.

In time, citizens hope to change Jakarta into a city that is not only green in color but also in attitude, thus proving that sustainable living is within the reach of anyone living anywhere.


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