Good, Clean and Fair at the Gym in Wroclaw, Poland

03 Oct 2020

As part of the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto celebrations, the Slow Food Convivia in Wroclaw, Poland, addressed the importance of bringing a good, clean, fair mentality to the youth working to stay healthy.  width=

Good, Clean, and Fair at the Gym – From Wroclaw, Poland

As a member of the Slow Food network and a student at the University of Physical Education, I am learning what are the important points to follow to eat good, feel good and look good: it is combining several aspects of the food chain and physical activity. When we lose one link, the result is a failure. This is what we discussed with our trainees in the workout session for the Terra Madre Salone del Gusto festival in Wroclaw, Poland

In our town of Wroclaw, Poland, we have personal training courses connected with food issues, in order to achieve the best training results for all trainees, no matter gender, age, silhouette or habits. Along with this, we encourage our trainees to shop directly from local farmers and producers to get the freshest food possible and cook at home.  width=

We also teach our trainees to choose fair and sustainable ingredients, understanding their agricultural production and the impact on the environment and people. Another topic we tackle is food labels, which contain information and abbreviations most people don’t understand, especially young consumers who might follow trends from celebrities or athletes, promoting imported goods.

During the Terra Madre workout, we examined the crucial supplements and ‘super-foods’ many trainees trust the most and their origin – mostly imported and unsustainable.

We discussed industrial agriculture and the social, environmental, and health issues of these products. For our training purpose, we classified food into two groups: unprocessed local and organic, and industrially produced with heavy chemicals.

We also proposed joining the Slow Foraging project, to visit local green markets, and to join the food cooperative we run with the two local Slow Food Convivia, to support our local food system while supporting our body and our health. width=

Why this marvelous, local, good, clean, fair food has not reached the gym and playgrounds yet? How can a typical fitness club client have access to this food in order to increase the efficiency of her or his workouts? The biggest problem for us, young, active, studying, and working people is access to good food. We have no time to visit farms (although we’d love to). With our fast-moving life, we end up buying ready-to-eat products. Our perspective is entirely different than that of farmers in the countryside, but we are willing to learn.



Making raw milk twarog

Good food nourishes better so you buy less, eat better and waste less.

We have to work out not only our bodies but also a network of social shopping and cooking. Learn traditional cooking and food processing techniques, like making raw milk twarog. Our goal is to continue gathering those who want to combine good, clean, fair, local food with their workout, whatever sport style they prefer, and then we develop a training plan connected with an eating plan.

Tomasz Rumiński
Slow Food Breslavia
Wroclaw, Poland

Images credit Tomasz Rumiński

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