Geography According to Terra Madre

09 Oct 2020

Appeals from Franco Farinelli, Virginie Raisson, and Paul Collier, during the opening conference of Terra Madre

Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020 is officially open! The 13th edition of the most important event dedicated to good, clean, and fair food starts today and continues for six months, with an innovative format that combines digital events and physical events, where possible, around the world.

It’s an edition, unlike any previous Slow Food event, unique in its ambitious objectives: to provide tools to analyze what’s happening in the world to propose concrete solutions that can help resolves our common problems.

Geography as a key to understanding the world

New Geographies and Possible Futures: but why should an event that’s usually focused on agriculture, sustainable farming, and fairer visions of development and food culture, now take geography as its starting point?

Because, as Professor of Geographer at the University of Parma Davide Papottisays, “changing our perspective in the way we look at the planet is fundamental for changing our behaviors in the development models we‘ve had to date.” In other words: the change which Slow Food has been fighting for over 30 years, can only be realized if we radically change our way of considering the problems which afflict both us and our planet.


Cover image: Photo: Elena Mozhvilo / Unsplash

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