From GMOs to Responsible Consumption: Terra Madre Day Takes Shape!

17 Nov 2015

With less than a month to go, the Slow Food network is already all fired up, as Terra Madre Day takes shape around the world with a whole range of fascinating cultural and gastronomic events.

In Switzerland, for example, Slow Food Ticino, in collaboration with ConPRoBio and Bioticino, has organized an event at the Bellinzona Cantonal Library for December 10. The evening, moderated by journalist Bruno Bergomi, will include a screening of Genetic Roulette. Jeffrey M. Smith’s documentary focuses on an important issue for Slow Food. The hard-hitting film denounces the multinationals who produce and sell GMOs and the American government agencies who are not protecting consumers with adequate legislation. Through careful scientific research, the director gives voice to the concerns of doctors and other experts, providing an exhaustive overview of the risks to people and the simple choices we can all make to avoid GM foods. Following the screening, chef Meret Bissenger will prepare snacks from Casa Merogusto using Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products, along with other products from local organic producers who will be selling their wares at a small, specially organized market.

Small-scale organic producers and the markets that host them are, in fact, a focus of attention around the world. Slow Food Tipa Tipa, on the island of Mauritius, celebrated Terra Madre Day at the Trianon Earth Market. On November 14, from 10 am to 8 pm, visitors could get to know organic producers and sample some typical local dishes. Slow Food Central Budapest and Slow Budapest, meanwhile, will be organizing a lunch for over 150 people using local and seasonal foods at one of Budapest’s largest markets, Szimpla Market. In the evening, it will be possible to enjoy a dinner based on traditional dishes, paired with some famous local wines.

In France, the Schnackala Convivium has organized two events to celebrate Terra Madre Day. At the Alsatian market in Mulhouse, on Saturday December 12, a lunch will be served based on traditional, local, seasonal foods and Ark of Taste products. On Wednesday December 16, there will be a discussion on the impact of consumer choices on the food production and distribution system, based around the screening of the investigative documentary by Pierre Beccu, Regards sur nos assiettes, made with six young geography students who are worried about the future of food and the environment.

So what are you organizing?

See all the events on our Facebook page and tell us what you’re cooking up to celebrate Terra Madre Day! You’ll find all the information you need plus some inspiration.

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