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07 Mar 2007

Next week, March 12 and 13, the Miramón Technology Park in the Pasque city of San Sebastian will be the venue for ‘Diálogos de Cocina’, a get-together of more than 250 food professionals, including technicians, producers, institutional representatives, chemists, physicians, opinion makers, feature writers and cooks from all over the world.
The two-day event, a series of presentations and round tables, will focus on three main themes: 1) products, raw materials, environment, surroundings and culture;
2) technology, techniques and science;
3) visions, values and soul.
Speakers will include the likes of Heston Blumenthal, Michel Bras, Harold McGee, Ferran Adrià and Davide Cassi, the Italian physicist who is one of the fathers of ‘molecular gastronomy’. Each speech will last 30 minutes, and each half-day session will conclude with a round table discussion.

The first morning will kick off with presentations of environmental issues, with speeches by Carlo Petrini, president of Slow Food International, and delegates from Euskal Abereak, an association for the preservation of Basque cattle breeds, and the Kalitatea Foundation, dedicated to typical Basque foods such as beef, chicken, honey, peppers and beans.

The afternoon session will address science and technology in the kitchen, while the final morning will be devoted to fusion, creativity and the future of gastronomy.

Webcasts will make all speeches and discussions available online and the organizers hope 100,000 enthusiasts will log on to ‘join in’.

The event is sponsored Euro-Toques, the European community of chefs over 3,500 European cooks and chefs in the European Union and the world.

Created in 1986 around ‘great names’, such as Pierre Romeyer and Paul Bocuse, visionaries who were already aware of the risks of food abuses, it is now an international group, chaired by the Spanish chef, Pedro Subijana, in Brussels, coordinating a network of 18 national groups.

In May, Taste 3, an American version of Diálogos de Cocina, will be staged at Copia, the culinary center in the Napa Valley, California.

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Diálogos de Cocina
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