Food as a bridge to peace

As Slow Food, we condemn all past and current breaches of peace.

17 Oct 2023

We envision a world where every human on the planet can access and enjoy good, clean and fair food. But this vision becomes blurred whenever war or political violence breaks out in any part of the world.

Food must never be used as a weapon of war. Even when food is not weaponized, conflicts severely affect people’s access to food, rendering futile those efforts to achieve food security for all.

While so many communities in war zones and conflict areas struggle daily to produce food and make it accessible to everyone, the absence of peace makes such vital work difficult, and makes our work as a global movement difficult too.

Food should be used as a bridge to peace. "

We therefore renew the invitation to our network to support our communities, projects, and collaborators in war zones, asking everyone, everywhere, to do what they can do to contribute to rebuilding. In a spirit of cooperation and solidarity, peace, and trust within these territories through the power of food.


Slow Food Board, October 2023

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