FlashCOP is one week away!

19 Nov 2023

Our campaign FlashCOP is getting super close! We’re now one week away from it and we could not be more excited. Over 40 communities are gearing up to set their FlashCOP tables, uniting to spread our powerful messages across the globe.

The enthusiasm is contagious, and we’re thrilled to be a part of something so impactful.


What’s #FlashCOP?

#FlashCOP is a new campaign planned to be held on the 25th of November, in the run-up to COP28. We invite everyone from all over the world to participate and use this moment to come together, reflect on the urgency to take responsibility to tackle the climate crisis, bring COP closer to home and change our own circle of influence.  SFYN’s campaign is not here just to educate youth, but to empower and inspire individuals in the collective battle against the climate crisis, highlighting the role of our food system as a solution. We have organized a series of free webinars to train our network on how to communicate, act and mobilize: all the recordings are available in our toolkit here, along with graphics and everything you might need.

By mobilising and training youth to make the wider audience aware of the solutions and opportunities in this battle, we want to give youth globally the space and tools to change their climate related habits, but above all get politically engaged around the local climate agenda. We are sending a message to (local) decision makers: civil society is stepping up, and you should too.

We will set climate tables right in front of iconic landmarks in major cities and rural areas around the world to bridge the gap and bring the essence of COP closer to home. The aim of #FlashCOP is to be visible in the streets, raising awareness and igniting accessible conversations about the climate crisis. These climate tables, envisioned as interactive spaces, whether they be desks, benches, or booths, will serve as hubs for engagement. We will connect with passers-by, educate them on the climate crisis and its impact on our food system, and actively engage them in efforts to combat it.

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