Europe’s Agrarian Future

29 May 2009

Just a few days away from the European elections, Slow Food has presented its manifesto for a new agriculture in Europe – an agriculture that is focused on producing quality produce and protecting regional specialties, and which is based upon environmentally sustainable methods and fair labor and trade.

The paper has been sent to the leaders of the Italian parties running for the European elections that are taking place on June 6-7 in Italy. The manifesto asks the candidates – if elected – to take action on various issues, including: more incentives for young generations; protecting seeds of traditional food varieties; support for small–medium scale producers and local economies; protecting organic agriculture from contamination by GM crops; conservation of agricultural landscapes; and to protect local knowledge by supporting activities connected to it.

‘These elections are occurring in a very particular time, in which the big crises we are experiencing lead us to rethink our lifestyle and daily habits,’ said Roberto Burdese, President of Slow Food Italy. ‘Within this framework, food plays an essential role, not only in terms of nutritional issues, but also in a broader vision that involves several aspects, from agriculture to climate change. These issues concern both consumers and producers, that should be considered allies and not opponents anymore. Agriculture must be at the core of the EU activities, as the decisions made in the European Parliament not only effect the agricultural situation in member states, but the quality of life as a whole. That is why we are addressing the candidates directly, hoping to find supportive individuals who will fight for the protection and promotion of quality food, that respects regionalism, the environment and a fair labor’.

A list with the candidates that signed the paper will be published few days before the elections.
Download the Manifesto here:

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