European NGOs: the Farm to Fork Strategy Cannot Overlook the Overproduction and Overconsumption of Industrial Animal Products

25 Feb 2020

In a joint letter to the European Commission, Slow Food Europe, along with 20+ other civil society organizations, calls for the objective of less meat, dairy, and eggs to be included in the Farm to Fork Strategy. The strategy has neither addressed the inherent unsustainability of current animal farming in Europe nor included clear consumption reduction strategies to tackle this public health and environmental emergency.

In light of the climate and ecological crises and growing health concerns, organizations are asking the Commission to set up an action plan, which would:

  • set binding targets and put forward a set of measures to reduce industrial animal production;
  • support better animal farming;
  • create enabling food environments – conditions that influence people’s food and beverage choice.

If the Commission ignores this sensitive issue, the organizations regret that the Farm to Fork strategy will be set to jeopardize “the strategy’s credibility and viability to achieve its objectives of making EU food a “global standard for sustainability.””

Since the start of its new term, the European Commission has been working on the Farm to Fork Strategy which is part of the new European Green Deal. It is integral to Europe’s ambitious response to climate change challenges along the food chain. The strategy is due to be presented at the end of March.


The full letter available here

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