European NGOs Demand the CAP that Supports Agroecology

26 May 2020

The negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are underway with the final vote expected to be held in Autumn. The new CAP will determine the EU’s agricultural policies for the upcoming seven years. Along with our allies, Slow Food wants to put pressure on Members of the European Parliament to reshape the EU’s agricultural policy for nature and biodiversity, for resilient food systems and agroecology,  for climate and environment, for animal welfare and human health, and for sustainable small-scale farming.

Each Tuesday, tens of European NGOs share a specific demand for the EU decision-makers. This time we want to shed light on the importance of supporting agroecological practices and organic farming.

Agroecology is at the core of Slow Food’s values. It is our belief that by introducing principles of agroecology into agricultural production systems, we can create a food system respectful of natural resources, of societal needs, and able to produce enough good clean and fair food for everyone. Slow Food’s Presidia projects are one example of agroecology in practice. The Presidia support small-scale traditional food productions at risk of disappearing, valorize territories, revive old skills and processing techniques, and save native animal breeds, fruit, and vegetable varieties from extinction.

Share our message on social media and help us to spread a word about the importance of having sustainable food and farming systems.

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