European NGOs Demand the CAP that is Good for Animal Welfare and Human Health

09 Jun 2020

While the negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are underway, the European Court of Auditors published its report, criticizing the CAP efforts to protect farmland biodiversity. A broad coalition of European civil society organizations calls on the European Parliament to reshape the EU’s agricultural policy for nature and biodiversity, for resilient food systems and agroecology, for climate and environment, for animal welfare and human health, and sustainable small-scale farming.

Every Tuesday, Slow Food, along with other NGOs, voices a specific demand, aiming to make the new CAP more sustainable. This time, we ask the European Parliament to stop subsidies to intensive animal farming, make funding conditional upon animal welfare, and set effective targets for reducing antibiotic use, which poses a threat to human and animal health. 

The CAP is worth close to €60bn a year, costing around €114 annually per citizen. However, the system has been criticized by Slow Food and many other European NGOs for supporting intensive farming, overusing pesticides, and paying little attention to soil conservation and wildlife protection.

The new CAP will determine the EU’s agricultural policies for the upcoming seven years. The final vote on the file is set for this Autumn. 

Share our message on social media and help us to spread a word about the importance of having sustainable food and farming systems.

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