Emilia Emergency

11 Jun 2012

The multiple earthquakes in and around the region of Emilia-Romagna in late May have inevitably affected many friends of our association: members and convivium leaders, osteria owners, chefs, farmers and producers of the important gastronomic specialities such as Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar, wine and beer.

After the first strong shock on May 20, the subsequent quakes of May 29 increased the scale of the damage and number of people affected considerably and Slow Food Italy immediately launched a support campaign. The funds raised will help the hardest-hit communities and producers, in particular the small-scale farmers and good, clean and fair businesses that have been put out of action.

Representatives of Slow Food Emilia-Romagna and Slow Food Italy have been visiting the impacted areas to try and establish the extent of the damage, especially in isolated rural areas where small-scale producers lack the strong voice that many other local industries are quite rightly using to launch their own appeals.

The regional network is also mobilizing, with restaurants and osteria responding to Slow Food Emilia-Romagna’s appeal to get in touch with their local network of producers and to visit them in order to see how their businesses have been affected. As the situation becomes clearer, decisions will be made about who to allocate money to.

Once the situation has stabilized, Slow Food Italy will also organize trips to Emilia, giving members from around the nation the opportunity to show their solidarity and support by eating in osterias and buying from producers.

Our friends in Emillia Romagn need not feel alone in the coming difficult months.

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