Edible Cities, Cities of the Future

20 Oct 2020

The theme of the food supply, food quality and its distribution in cities is more relevant than ever as the urban population swells.

Firstly because more than half of the world’s population now lives in urban areas. Secondly, because it’s in urban areas that social inequalities are most sharply felt, in particular regarding access to fresh, healthy food.

The Edible cities, cities of the future forum gave us the chance to discuss this theme with people who work with Slow Food in their respective cities and countries on innovative projects to improve access to food. They also work to shape public opinion and raise awareness of the need to change the currently-dominant food system. What determines the movement of food across thousands of kilometers, its storage in vast warehouses, the sale of foods treated with preservatives and additives to lengthen their shelf-life, packing with lots of plastic and the consequent waste problem?

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