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12 Aug 2015

Do you want to make a contribution to the future of food and farming? Then now’s your chance!


This October, a unique meeting will take place in Milan: a once in a lifetime opportunity for many young farmers to meet like-minded people from around the world and take part in the global debate on the future of food.


As Expo 2015 comes to a close, we want to bring 2000 farmers, cheesemakers, fishers, bakers, food activists and small-scale producers to the city to put the spotlight on those who have so far been left our of the discussions…




We need your support to enable them to travel from their home countries to Milan, so please



Any contribution, big or small, will help make a difference!


Find out more on the crowdfunding site!




You can learn more about small-scale farmers around the world in stories told by Slow Food Founder Carlo Petrini:


Canada: Matty’s Kitchen

Georgia: Ramaz’s Wine

France: Antoine’s Ancient Einkorn Grain

Brazil: Francisco and Praying Bees

Mexico: Juan Diego and the salt of the Tehucan–Cuicatlán biosphere reserve

Thailand: Lee and the coffee of the Akha tribe

Denmark: How Jesper and Michael Are Reconquering the Danish Seas

Egypt: Mariam and the Traditional Products of Egyptian Gastronomy

The Netherlands: Irene and Education in the Dairy

Ethiopia: Tiginesh and Traditional Ethiopian Agriculture

Albania: Bledar and the Albanian Gastronomic Renaissance

Italy: Alessandro, Arianna and Langhe Sheep Tuma

Kenya: Leah, a Nomad Pastoralist Maasai in the Alps

Tunisia: Zied and Traditional Charfia Fishing






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