Discovering the Slow Food network around the Mediterranean Sea by bike

25 Mar 2024

Let’s imagine four young people passionate by sustainability, agriculture and traveling, and four bikes: the result is an impressive tour of the Mediterranean Sea which will bring them from France to the Balkans until they reach Istanbul and back.

Boniface, Léon, Lucile and Clément, members of the Slow Food local group in Paris, left France at the beginning of March and they will cross the Balkans. But how did all this start ?

“We are all University students of agronomy or business  and we decided to dedicate our césure year to this trip”, they explain. In France the césure is an optional arrangement that allows students to suspend their studies for a maximum of one academic year. “By coincidence, we were all separately organizing such a bike trip, even if with slightly different objectives. Then common friends brought us together and we found out we were all interested in the Mediterranean culture, biodiversity and gastronomy and we ended up organizing it with the support of the Nalia association”. In their 5000 km around the Mediterranean coasts, they will meet producers, herders, farmers and local realities from the Slow Food network. “We would like to come back in time for Terra Madre Salone del Gusto in Torino”. Wishing them good luck and safe trip, we look forward to hearing from them and meeting them in Torino at the end of September!

You can follow their trip on the official Nalia IG page


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