Dining Dilemmas

18 Dec 2006

A survey carried out this year among 200 young professionals in London suggests that eating out is a source of intimidation, embarrassment and shame to them because of ignorance of restaurant protocol and lack of knowledge about food and wine.

The results show that nearly three quarters of respondents will not order food or drink if it means risking the mispronunciation of its name and 63% do not have the courage to complain when food is unsatisfactory. 65% admitted that during business lunches their eating and drinking choices are dictated by the desire to impress rather that by what they actually want.

‘It is disappointing, but perhaps not very surprising, that the British have quite so many hang-ups when it comes to dining out,’ stated Stella West-Harling, director of the Ashburton Cookery School, who commissioned the survey. ‘We are a nation of acutely self-conscious and modest people, but some of the findings of this survey reveal just how a younger generation of diners turn the restaurant dining experience into a trial, rather than the pleasure that it should be.’

Source: The Guardian

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