Cuenta Atrás 2010

04 Apr 2007

Members and national committees of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) meeting in Ecuador last week decided to work together towards the 2010 biodiversity target.

To facilitate the process, the South American committee set up a regional ‘Cuenta Atrás 2010’ initiative as part of the global Countdown 2010.

‘The 2010 biodiversity target is a global target, signed by Heads of State at the World Summit for Sustainable Development 2002,’ said Robert Hofstede, IUCN Regional Director for South America.

‘As this region hosts a large share of the world’s biodiversity, the target cannot be achieved without significant improvements in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in South America.’

Last week’s ‘consultation workshop’ identified areas of joint concern as equity and poverty reduction; ecosystem management and protected areas; and communication and indicators.

All South America’s national committees present pledged to integrate the 2010 biodiversity target into their activities and to jointly create a strong movement for biodiversity for the continent.

Yesterday the host country Ecuador became the third national government in the region to confirm its commitment to the 2010 biodiversity target when its Ministers of Foreign Affairs, María Fernanda Espinosa, and of the Environment, Ana Albán, signed the Countdown 2010 Declaration.

‘As one of the megadiverse countries,’ said Ana Albán, ‘Ecuador is proud to join these distinct efforts to achieve the 2010 biodiversity target in the international context of the convention on biological diversity’.

‘The conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity has to be a shared global responsibility involving the international community, governments from north and south, civil society, scientists and indigenous peoples,’ added María Fernanda Espinosa.

‘IUCN wants to help all countries to achieve this 2010 biodiversity target and congratulates Ecuador and Perú as first South American nations to join this global initiative,’ concluded Robert Hofstede.

IUCN – The World Conservation Union

Countdown 2010 Save Biodiversity

Photo: Quito

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