Civil Society Asks for the CAP that Protects Climate and Environment

02 Jun 2020

The negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) are underway with the final vote expected to be held in Autumn. The new CAP will determine the EU’s agricultural policies for the upcoming seven years. With the new Commission aiming to build a sustainable future for Europe, the European Parliament is under pressure to reshape the EU’s agricultural policy more than ever.

Each Tuesday, Slow Food, along with its allies, ask Members of the Parliament to take into account specific demands concerning nature and biodiversity, resilient food systems and agroecology, climate and environment, animal welfare and human health, and sustainable small-scale farming.

This time, we want to draw attention to the climate and environment. Food systems are responsible for 37% of greenhouse gas emissions globally, with intensive livestock farming being among the key contributors. European NGOs have concrete demands on how to fix the problem: starting from reducing industrial meat production to allocating half of the EU farm budget to protect nature and climate.

Since 1962, when the CAP first entered into force, it was primarily aiming to ensure enough food to meet the needs of all citizens. However, the new challenge has clearly emerged over the years, which the CAP can no longer ignore. The EU agricultural policy should find a new approach to ensure the sustainability of the European food systems while fulfilling the international commitments of the Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Share our message on social media and help us to spread a word about the importance of having sustainable food and farming systems.

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