The White Modenese Cow: Milk from the Hills

19 Aug 2021

Bazzano is a village in Valsamoggia, on the apennine side of the valley formed by the Samoggia stream that runs down through the hills towards Bologna and the border with the province of Modena. This is where we find La Zaira, a wine bar with a kitchen run by Belinda Cuniberti together with her husband Paolo, members of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance.

The Cooks’ Alliance is hosting a series of taste workshops at cheese dedicated to the homonymous product as well as different approaches to meat that are cleaner, more sustainable and mindful of animal welfare.

La Zaira is the protagonist at Taste Workshop on September 17 at 4.30 p.m., where they propose Bolognese lamb meat from an Artusi recipe and a crème caramel made with milk from the White Modenese cow, a Slow Food Presidium, and made by Paolo Parmeggiani of the Trattoria del Borgo di Monteveglio.

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