Changing the World Through Food and Beverage: Slow Food and Negroni Week Lead the Way

Community-led projects selected and funded by the initiative are now official.

20 Jul 2023

In a world where convenience often trumps sustainability, the collaboration between Slow, Imbibe and Campari is paving the way for a brighter future.

The first 33 community-led projects supported by the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund are finally official. They represent a really important achievement: these projects are at the forefront of transforming the food and beverage system in 23 countries worldwide, addressing a wide range of issues and promoting sustainable practices.

Slow Food and Negroni Week share a common vision – a world where everyone can enjoy food and beverages that are good for them, good for the people who grow and produce them, and good for the planet.

The collaboration between Slow Food and Negroni Week exemplifies the power of collective action and the potential for meaningful change through food and beverage. Thanks to more than 10,000 participating venues during Negroni Week 2022, bars and restaurants across 73 countries raised donations to foster Slow Food’s mission. The initiative has been welcomed with great enthusiasm, over 300 applications from 61 countries were received for the Slow Food Negroni Week Fund. The Slow Food Negroni Fund was created to provide direct support to local community-led projects, as well as Slow Food’s programs such as the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, Coffee Coalition, Wine Coalition, and Snail of Approval — active networks that are passionate about leading the transformation of the global food and beverage system towards a more equitable, just, and sustainable future.

As consumers, we can also contribute to this movement by making conscious choices. Supporting local producers, choosing seasonal and sustainable ingredients, and advocating for policies that prioritize the well-being of people and the planet are all impactful ways to create positive change through food and beverage. And participating to the 2023 Negroni Week events!

Together, we can shape a future where everyone can enjoy food and beverages that are truly good for us, good for the producers, and good for the planet.

Let’s take a closer look at these inspiring projects here! (DA VERIFICARE)

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