Caucasian Buffalo and Mountain Honey are new Slow Food Presidia in Azerbaijan

29 Jul 2021

The EU-funded ‘Community-based Value Chain Enhancement in the Greater Caucasus Mountains Area’ (COVCHEG) project has reached another fundamental milestone today: the creation of two new Slow Food Presidia in Azerbaijan.

Fitting perfectly into the Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, a core part of the European Green Deal, establishing a larger EU-wide network of protected areas on land and at sea, Slow Food Presidia directly support farmers and assist with the creation of farming communities that protect biodiversity and preserve traditional food production techniques. This helps farmers feel less isolated as they are able to overcome difficulties together, and can gain access to market without third -party involvement. Farmers also receive training from relevant experts and access to an international support network.

All products protected by the Presidia are historically and culturally linked to a specific region.

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