Carlo Petrini in Chile

18 Jan 2018

In the coming days, Carlo Petrini will travel to Chile to promote the Slow Food philosophy.

The founder and President of Slow Food International will speak about the importance of promoting a good, clean and fair diet and about Slow Food’s Menu for Change campaign which highlights the link between diets and climate change: food can and must make a difference.

The following are the events in which Carlo Petrini will participate in the coming days in Chile:

  • On Thursday, January 18th, Carlo will arrivie in Santiago de Chile where the Congreso Futuro will be held. This is one of the most important meetings on the main challenges which humanity faces to ensure a better future. Alongside David Rieff and Soledad Barruti, Carlo will form a part of the Panel 22 “Comernos el Planeta” (Eating the Planet) focusing on the effects that our dietary patterns have on the environment

  • On Friday, January the 19th, Carlo Petrini will travel to Valparaiso, the closest port to the Chilean capital, where he will meet the local Slow Food convivium and a number of local producers. Carlo will hold a talk during an event entitled “¿Come y calla? Cuestionando los hábitos, la producción y el consumo que hay detrás del sistema alimentario actual” (Eat and be quiet? Questioning the patterns, production and consumption behind the current food system) in the framework of the conference “Dialogo en torno a la Alimentaciòn: Alimentación en tiempos de globalización, agroindustria y extractivismo” (A dialogue on diets: Diets in the times of globalization, agroindustry and extractivism”.

  • On Saturday, January the 20th, Carlo Petrini will participate in theColoquio Alimentando la Cultura to be held, between 10:30 and 13:00, in the Auditorium 1 of the Faculty of Health and Odontology of the Diego Portales University, in Santiago de Chile and in which the work and scope of the Slow Food network in Chile will be discussed. Carlo Petrini will explain the proposal for revolutionising the food system, promoted by Slow Food to achieve a “diet which is good, clean and fair for everyone” and will give a talk on “Menu for Change”. Rita Moya, the president of the Slow Food national network, Raùl Gonzalez, Director of the Escuela de Economia (UAHC) and Lucia Sepulveda of RAP-Chile will be also be present alongside the national representatives of organizations with which Slow Food has a long standing collaboration; ANAMURI (National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women), the Núcleo de Economía Social y Solidaria of the Universidad Academia de Humanismo Cristiano (Nucleus of Social and Humanitarian Economics) and the NGO RAP Chile, Red de Acción en Plaguicidas (Pesticide Action Network).

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