Bogotá’s Mercado de la Tierra Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

November marks 11 years since Mercado de la Tierra laid down its roots in the Bogotá community.

01 Nov 2023

The Slow Food Earth Market Mercado de la Tierra will be hosting a range of events throughout November to celebrate 11 years since it first opened its doors.

Situated at Casa Lolita (Cll70# 8-25), the market is open every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., so if you’re in the Colombian capital make sure to pass by!

On Sunday November 5, the market hosted a jornada de estampado (printing day) while on Sunday November 11, the market will host a free Slow Brunch.

About Mercado de la Tierra

Since welcoming its first customers in 2012, Mercado de la Tierra has become a bastion of agroecological produce, beloved by the community.

More than 30 small-scale producers exhibit agroecological produce at this Slow Food Earth Market, (DA VERIFICARE) offering food options for everyone.

Here you’ll find local fresh produce, like avocados and mangos, papayas, plantains, vegetables like Indigenous vegetables like yacón and wild herbs. Mercado de la Tierra also showcases products like beer, coffee, chocolate, toasted grains, ceviches, empanadas, hummus and other traditional dishes. Its cereals, in particular, are undergoing a period of revival, with the recovery of traditional stone mills in Socotá Boyacá, near Bogota, from which some of its producers source their grain and cereals.

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All the market’s producers come from within a 140-kilometer radius of the city and follow principles of sustainability, traceability, fair trade and respect for the environment.

But it’s not just the breadth of biodiversity that sets this market apart as an Earth Market, but the other events and activities its members organize.

Like other Slow Food Earth Markets, Mercado del la Tierra organizes an array of cultural activities, such as concerts, film screenings and yoga courses, and educational seminars on issues linked to gastronomy, food production and consumption and agriculture (seeds, agroecology and permaculture).

All Slow Food Earth Markets showcase fresh, local and seasonal produce sourced in accordance with Slow Food principles of good, clean and fair.

This means that they respect the environment and the work of the producers and are offered at fair prices for both vendors and customers.

As well as places to buy high-quality products, Earth Markets also provide spaces to build communities and facilitate community exchange and education.

Would you like to learn more about Slow Food Earth Markets, or even start your own?

Click here (DA VERIFICARE) to find Earth Markets near you.

Click here (DA VERIFICARE) to learn how to start your own.

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