And the SlowPack Prize Goes to…

28 Oct 2012

The winners of the SlowPack Prize were announced today at the Salone del Gusto and Terra Madre, a competition that invited event exhibitors to “think outside the box” when it comes to packaging, looking beyond the standard cartons, plastics and excessive casings to more ecofriendly packaging. The prize was split into sections that separately considered issues such as recovering a traditional way of packaging and conservation; innovation and sustainability with reusable, recyclable and biodegradable materials derived from energy efficient processes; and labels that communicate the product’s characteristics such as the traceability of its ingredients, the history of the product or its uniqueness and indicating the correct way to reuse or dispose of the packaging. And the winners are…

Section: Communication of product quality
Azienda De Matteis Agroalimentare pasta producers, Italy

For clearly indicating on the label many elements which help consumers to not only obtain legally required information, but also additional information: the characteristics of the Armando wheat variety used (color of the ear, height and maturity, shape of the grain, time of earing and qualitative characteristics) and a guarantee that Italian grain is used, with traceability of the chain provided online. The compostable packaging is printed with ecological ink and put together using biodegradable adhesive. There are also specific certifications regarding environmental sustainability of the packaging and advising methods of disposal.

Section: Traditional packaging techniques
Slow Food Motal Presidium goat cheese producers, Armenia

For preserving a centuries-old technique, which is still functional for preserving and packaging goat cheese. Making terracotta is one of the oldest activities in Armenia – the country still has houses made of this material, and there is a 5000 year tradition of preserving foods in skins and jars: not only cheese but also wine, cereals, etc. The packaging is of degradable and recyclable material, as well as being of great historic and cultural value.

Section: Innovative techniques and materials
Azienda agricola Zavoli, Slow Food Mora Romagnola Pig Presidium, Italy

For using an innovative but traditional packaging for pork products, produced using natural degradable materials (beeswax). Also for creating a packaging which enhances the product (greater preserveability and less moisture loss) due to the unusual impermeability but breathability of beeswax. For using a packaging made using materials sourced from the production area (“zero kilometre” principle).

Section: Chain of primary, secondary and tertiary packaging
Gaia società semplice Agricola (onion producers), Italy

For choosing a chain of packaging that respects the environment, is based on using eco-sustainable materials and, in particular, for using a packaging made of materials sourced from the production area, thereby shortening the production chain in accordance with the “zero kilometer” principle. For creating a packaging whose connecting fixtures are exclusively based on snap-in elements, and avoiding unnecessary connections that would compromise recyclability, and respecting the principles of reducing materials and easy disassemblability.

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