An African Wind Blows in Hadano

19 Aug 2010

In the spirit of internationalism, the Hadano convivium last month took the opportunity of the soccer world cup to hold “The Wind of Africa in Hadano”, an event to introduce African culture to the community and bring the two corners of the world closer together.

“To many people in Japan, Africa is probably the most remote place on earth, both geographically in terms of distance, and culturally,” said Slow Food member Yuri Yokoyama. “The first things that come to people’s mind are usually deserts, savannah and lions, and many people think of Africa as one place, not as separate, unique countries.”

“We decided to tap into people’s enthusiasm for the world cup and used it as an opportunity to create a connection between our two worlds, to help us all understand a bit more about the complex reality of Africa, to take part in an international project and, of course, to do all this while having fun,” said Riri Nakagawa, who organized the event.

Two African guests at the event were invited to speak to the group about their life experiences in Ghana and Kenya. The event then moved to a local park, where a small market had been set up and visitors could enjoy African recipes. African music set the mood, with Mukuna Tshiakatumba and his drums offering their vibrant rhythm and inviting participants to dance.

Convivium members presented some of Slow Food’s work in Kenya, showing pictures and handing out printed material, including messages from people Slow Food members in Africa. Donations were also collected to help support Slow Food projects across the continent.

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