A World of Presidia Around Vesuvius

18 Nov 2020

The passion that keeps Vera Verrone awake at night: a building contractor enamored with her local area and committed to protecting of its biodiversity. “I have a different job, but my daily life is filled of activity.  Five years ago my love for this land pushed me to start a small business with my family. It’s dedicated to growing Hundred-Day Peas.” This one of the products in the quartet of the Vesuvian Presidia, all presen at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto both with a virtual showcase and a space in our online marketplace.

You’ll find lots of products, including the “Centogiorni” pea pod cream, as well both the juice and the jam of apricots, grilled papacella in oil or vinegar, as well as packets of dry beans of the Dente di Morto variety which you can use to make a whole host of dishes!

The Hundred-Day Pea

In the countryside of Campania the tradition of growing these Hundred-Day Peas has existed since the times of the Ancient Greeks. It’s a bean that’s noted for its sweet and delicate taste, a perfect match for meats, pasta and the king of Camapanian cuisine: cod. Today only a few family-run businesses still grow it, because it’s hard to process in the way that the giants of the food industry demand.

“Five years ago, when I chose to do my part to protect the biodiversity of my land, I met a lot of producers who encouraged me, and together we started to research the old seeds of the Hundred-Day Pea,” Vera tell us. Today there are 18 producers united in an association, all using the same label.

Vera recounts the story of her business, the connection with other producers, the studies and the passion that fuel her days. Her every word conveys joy and the satisfaction of all the progress over the last five days in promoting her products and preserving their existence.

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