A tasty webinar with Dutch Slow Food products, watch it now!

15 Jan 2021

December 10 was the official birthday of the Slow Food movement, also known as Terra Madre Day! Slow Food Netherlands celebrated this special day with a festive and interactive online tasting, live from a studio in Amsterdam.


Weeks in advance of the Slow Food tasting, Slow Food supporters in the Netherlands were able to order an Ark of Taste snack box, including Dutch artisanal cheeses, a sausage, syrup and an alcoholic drink. During the livestream, not only did we taste all of these products, we also invited their producers to share their unique and personal stories.

They answered questions such as, “What is so unique about a Gouda farmer’s cheese?” and “What do artisanal pear syrup and wood-fired spirits have in common?” Viewers at home were also able to send in questions.

Would you like to know the answers to these questions too? Watch the recording of the livestream via this link:

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