A Slow Day in the Senate

17 Dec 2009

In keeping with the spirit of Terra Madre Day celebrated across the world last Thursday, the Senate of the French Republic today held the official opening of ‘Friends of Slow Food France’ in Paris. Conscious of the pressing issues in the world of food production, a group of French senators are behind this initiative that will bring the Slow Food philosophy and activities to the French Senate.

In particular, the move was promoted by Bernadette Bourzai, Senator of Corrèze and Alain Fauconnier, senator of Aveyron and long time supporter of Slow Food in France, with the goal of demonstrating a commitment to promoting and supporting local and sustainable food systems.

Senators, journalists, Slow Food France directors and representatives of Parisian Slow Food convivia attended the launch of the group earlier today. They enjoyed a tasting of Slow Food Presidia products from across France, including the Noir de Bigorre Pig, Béarn Mountain Pasture Cheeses, Saint-Flour Golden Lentil, Small Spelt of Alta Provenza, and Roussillon Dry Rancios Wine, in the first of a monthly program of events that will encourage senators to discover the regional gastronomy of the country.

Slow Food France President Jean Lhéritier introduced the activities of the Terra Madre network and spoke of the great expectations he had from the meeting. ‘It will be a great moment of recognition for Slow Food in this country’, he said, ‘We hope that this can open up the road and create favorable conditions for the work of Slow Food France, bringing the need for good daily diet to the attention of politicians, beginning with public canteens (HQA). This will be a great challenge.’


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